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Receive a grant and substantive support, gain reliable business partners and grow your start-up in a new place. Easily. In just a few months. Without giving away equity.

To achieve international success, join Poland Prize powered by Concordia Design Accelerator at the technological hub of Central and Eastern Europe. We invite you to Poland and Wrocław, the regional capital of Lower Silesia.







Business partners

+20 industry partners
+5 VC

Our fields of expertise


We are looking for solutions which will help people and companies operate more effectively, more securely and more wisely in the post-COVID economic era. We tend to prefer teams specialising in the sectors set out below, but this certainly doesn’t mean that we exclude others! Is your product or service a good one? Apply for the Poland Prize powerd by Concordia Design Accelerator

Artificial Intelligence

AI is vital to the process of social transformation. We are interested in solutions that relate to all sorts of areas of life and have an AI component or are connected to fields such as machine learning (ML) or process automation.


This is crucial in the post-COVID era. Our thinking on the topic is broad and we are looking for projects in areas including data security, application security, cloud security and identity protection.

Smart City

Our primary focus in this field is on technologies which will serve local governments and residents, not only by supporting transport, energy, waste and water consumption management, but also by assisting with the digitisation of local administration.

Why is Concordia Design Accelerator
worth applying for?

Receive a grant of up to

EUR 65 000

for establishing a company in Poland
and completing all milestones

A maximum of

13 months

intensive, fascinating work
under the programme

Equity free

The shares in your company remain yours

Develop your project with

+5 VC’s

which could be potential
investors in your project

Take part in

8 events

for networking and
promoting your start-up

Industry Partners

waiting to validate your solution

Access to

38 million

potential customers
on the Polish market.

Support of

+20 mentors

with experience
in various areas of business


One of the largest start-up hubs
in Central and Eastern Europe

Programme Schedule




(01.09.2022 – 31.10.2022)

Fill in the form, providing a precise, detailed description of your project




(01.11.2022 – 28.11.2022)

We will be in touch with you to discuss the details and will be inviting the best start-ups to join the programme.



(1 month)

We are here to help you form a company in Poland. If you do, then you will receive more than EUR 2 000.



(2 months)

Develop your project in line with a plan tailored to its needs. Sign a letter of intent with an Industrial Partner or a VC fund. If you do that, you will receive almost EUR 9 000.


(up to 10 months)

Work closely with your Industrial Partners or VC fund in line with your Individual Acceleration Plan. If you reach three milestones, you will receive a sum of up to EUR 55 000.


(3 months)

As you build your business on the Polish market, you can continually count on our help.

Our mentors




Concordia Design, PL

Alain Heureux

Virtuology Academy


Rafał Pisz



Concordia Design, PL

Sylwia Hull-Wosiek

Concordia Design


Concordia Design, PL

Piotr Voelkel

VOX Group


Concordia Design, PL

Leszek Kwieciński

Wroclaw University


Krzysztof Nawelski

Santander Consumer Bank


Concordia Design, PL

Jacek Lewandowski

Coventry University


Concordia Design, PL

Tomek Popow





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Concordia Design. Who are we?

We help companies to develop. Including yours! We have been doing this with great effect for more than ten years now. We work with global players and dynamic start-ups alike, supporting entrepreneurs in research and development projects and in improving their products and services. Our client portfolio includes IKEA, Volkswagen, Samsung and OLX, to name but a very few. We believe that the foundation of any business is a good team. Let’s build yours together!