Why Poland?

The largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe

38 million consumers

Talent on tap
401 thousand software developers

The most VC investments in start-ups in the region as of 2013

The sixth largest economy in Europe

Strategically located at the heart of Europe

Some of the best programmers in the world

A diversified economy rooted in numerous sectors, including business services, the aviation and automotive industries and gaming

Why Wrocław?

The No. 1 start-up hub in Central and Eastern Europe

630 thousand inhabitants;
over 110 thousand of them are students

A major centre of technological development driven by Polish brands and international corporations

A high quality of life

The Polish city with the fastest economic development

Excellent car, plane and train transport links

A city open to the world, host of the UEFA Euro 2012, European Capital of Culture 2016, European Best Destination 2018

Listed as one of the world’s 100 smartest cities by the 2020 Cities in Motion Index